Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wal-Mart Foot Disease

You guys...I can't even...
It's taken me until today to even be able to talk about it....
It's the wost, grossest, most disgusting thing ever...

I was loving the warm weather we had this past weekend.  Loving it so much I pulled out my flip flops to run a few errands.  Then the world laughed at me...HAHA you Dumb Idiot it's February, you can't wear flip flops!
And this happened...

In the parking lot of Wal-Mart.
Now normally I would say screw errands and go home.  But for some reason I thought I could fix my stupid flip flop.  I went all Macgyver on it.  I searched my car for anything that might fix it.  Things that I tried, but failed before landing on my final fix = tire pressure gage (did nothing), pen (nothing), mint (sort of worked but then I stepped and it broke).  Finally I thought of this...

I chewed a piece of gum and then stuck it on!  It totally worked.  Until I got just far enough away from my car.  Then it stuck to the pavement the entire flip flop fell apart and I was standing in the parking lot of Wal-Mart with one bare foot on the ground.  At that moment in time I made the quick decision to walk in to Wal-Mart one foot shoeless.  I walked straight to the shoe department and found a pair of slippers and put them on.  I figured wearing slippers in Wal-Mart was much less weird than one flip flop.  I did my shopping as quickly as possible trying not to think about how disgusting the bottom of my foot was and left.  All I could think about was getting home to soak, scrub, and wash my feet.  Then I got home and realized I still had the slippers on and had not paid for them!
I threw the stupid slippers away knowing I would never put my foot inside one again and said screw it.
I soaked my feet and scrubbed the one until it was raw.  I'm still concerned it may have some weird disease living beneath my skin.  Just thinking about it gives me shivers.

Seriously I will never wear flip flops to Wal-Mart again...just in case.

I have a diseased foot :(

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pop Pop Poppity Popcorn

I've been craving popcorn lately.  Like to the point that Tom made some soup the other night and I thought it smelled like popcorn and I kept asking him if he actually made popcorn not soup and was just hiding the popcorn from me.
I understand that I could actually just throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave to cure this craving, however I would eat the entire bag and then feel awful.  So I have been resisting.
That is until yesterday.  Yesterday the Polar Arctic Freeze wave hit North Carolina and it went from 60* to 9* in like an hour.  Of course this happened the day I had to take the damn dogs to the vet.  Which of course I had so carefully planned so that I could walk them to the vet so they wouldn't loose their damn minds / rip my arm off getting to ride in the car and go into a new place.  So yesterday I walked the dogs 1.5 miles to the vet and 1.5 miles back home in 9* weather, which I believed allowed me to succumb to my recent craving of popcorn.
Now again, you would think I could just throw a bag in the microwave and be done with it.  BUT the problem still existed that I would eat the entire bag and feel like barfing afterwards.  Also the apartment would smell like popcorn for the next year and every time I walked in I would want more popcorn.  So what is a girl to do???
Luckily I also needed to buy a special kind of battery for our scale at home.  I knew they sold them across the street from where I work at Ace Hardware....
Ace Hardware has popcorn machines and free popcorn for customers.
I literally left work in 9* weather drove across the street to Ace Hardware picked up my battery and a key chain, paid, got my free bag of popcorn and went back to work.  Craving satisfied, didn't feel like barfing.

I am very resourceful :)

Now head on over to your local Ace Hardware to get your free popcorn and a new key chain.  I promise it's worth it!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

blurbtinis minus the cake

The other day I was trying to find out if you can share Google Play Books with a Kindle.  I typed into my Google search bar "can you sh" and suggestions of what I might be searching for started popping up.  The first suggestion was "can you shoot up xanex", the second suggestion was "can you shoot a gun in space", and the third suggestion that popped up was "can you shoot molly".  I immediately stopped looking at the suggestions because A.) I didn't want to know the answer to suggestion three, and B.) I didn't want to know what else people were wondering if they could shoot.  I finally did get my answer, and no, you cannot share Google Play Books with a Kindle.  However, you can shoot up xanex if you're wondering.


When I first met Tom he did not know how to tie a tie.  This is not a slight at Tom it is just a fact.  He didn't need to know how to tie one.  He hated dressing up and it took him about 15 minutes to get his dress shirt tucked into his dress pants.  I remember when he was getting ready for his White Coat Ceremony at the beginning of medical school he got all sweaty, angry and flustered because he hated getting dressed up so much.  He even faked a choking noise when I buttoned the top button on his shirt and put his tie on.
However now he can tie a tie in his sleep and can get completely ready and out the door in the time it used to take him to tuck in his shirt.  There are no longer choking noises when he puts his tie on, and his shirt is not pitted out before he gets somewhere.
Last weekend he had to travel to Oklahoma with the Women's Basketball team.  Usually on travel days he either wears a warm up suit like the team or a shirt and tie.  This weekend when he was getting packed up and ready to leave I asked him was he wearing his warm up suit or shirt and tie on the plane.  His answer literally made my jaw drop..."I'm more comfortable in the shirt and tie so I'll wear that."  Never in a million years did I ever think I would hear the words I'm more comfortable in a shirt and tie over sweat pants come out of my husbands mouth!


The other night Tom and I were watching the show "Tanked" on Netflix.  It's super funny and I highly recommend it.  Anyway, someone on the show said, "Building that tank was no cakewalk" and it got me to thinking...
First of all I started thinking about how good some cake would be.
Secondly I started thinking about the saying, "easy as a cakewalk or that was no cakewalk".  The saying "cakewalk" is meant to mean a task that is suuper easy.  However, if you think back to your elementary school "Fun Night" days you might remember a game called The Cake Walk.  It was my favorite game because you needed absolutely no skill.  It was as easy as the game where you picked a lollipop out of the cardboard cut-out tree.  For the cake walk all you did was walk around in a circle to music.  When the music stopped you looked down to see what number you were standing on.  Then the mom or dad running the game picked a number out of a hat and if you were standing on that number you won a cake!  Suuper easy right?  Except the problem I have is, I never won a damn cake.  No matter how many times I walked around the stupid circle I never won.  So really cakewalk is not easy unless you win the cake.  Then I guess it's ok if you use the saying, but only if you really won a cake.

Cakeless Molly

Monday, December 9, 2013

Presents are fun to get but more fun to give!

This is my present to you...a gift guide!  Now you can pick something below to give to me because really it's much more fun to give than to receive.  And I had a lot of fun putting this list together...I promise.

For the Woman in Your Life Who Prefers One of Her Boobs Over the Other
(hopefully it's her left one)
This shirt from J.Crew is perfect to show off your favorite boob as long as your favorite is your left boob.  The "broach" sits perfectly at nipple height and acts almost like pasties that Playboy models wear to parties, except this is for the Amish Playboy model.  J.Crew really went out of there way to help bedazzle an area that otherwise never gets any notice and I think we should all applaud them for this.

For the Bruce Jenner Wannabe or Just the Regular RC Nerd in Your Life
About 5 years ago I made Tom watch a "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" episode with me.  BIG Mistake.  Bruce Jenner (the Dad for those of you who don't keep up with the Kardashians) is big into RC Helicopters.  Tom decided they looked awesome.  Jokingly for Christmas that year I bought him a cheap RC Helicopter.  BIGGER Mistake.  He now has an entire fleet and is looking into renting space at a private hanger.  His brothers also are / have gotten into RC crap as have his friends.  The wives are all really happy with Tom and glad their husbands are his friend.  Anyway, if you want to get your husband / boyfriend / brother something they will love get them some sort of RC Helicopter, Plane, Car, or Boat.  Here is a website that sells a lot of it: http://www.hobbyzone.com/

For Anyone In Your Life Except a Baby...I Don't Think Babies Should Get This Gift
A massage.  And no I do not mean a crappy coupon that you make that says, "I will give you a massage".  I mean get them a massage from a professional.  Pretty much any spa or massage place will do gift cards.  Trust me, people like massages.

For A New Mom or Anyone Who Looks Tired

Marc Jacobs Remedy Concealer Pen is amazeballs.  Dark Puffy Circles will disappear with this miracle pen.  You will never know someone has been up all night with a screaming baby or a snoring husband if they use this.

For the Cat Lady or Just Anyone Really Who Likes To Be Warm and Cozy
Whenever TV shows depict cat ladies I feel like they are always dressed in robes covered in cat hair.  Well, I've found the perfect robe to get covered in cat hair for your Cat Lady friend.  OR I've found the perfect warm and cozy robe for anyone.  Whatever your gift giving need might be...I'm here to help :)  Seriously though, I got a Target gift card for my birthday and spent it on this robe.  It's the perfect length, has pockets, and is warm and fuzzy.  It's perfect to throw over my pj's to let the dogs out or just put on over my clothes when I'm cold.  It's like a Snuggie that opens in front rather than in back.  But better cuz it's not stupid.

For Your Favorite Blogger (HINT HINT) or Techy
The new Kindle Fire HDX.  This tablet is pretty awesome and definitely topping my list of stuff I want but won't get.  Yes it's an e-reader, but it's so much more too.  Check it out if you're in the market for a tablet.  I've only played around with it at Best Buy, but it seems pretty sweet.

For Your Favorite Yogi (person who does yoga not the bear) Or Gym Rat
Tom is the hardest person ever to buy shoes for.  He wears size 14 and his feet are pretty flat and wide.  So when he finds a pair of shoes that work and are comfortable we buy multiple pairs in multiple colors.  Most recently he was in the market for a new pair of tennis shoes.  We did a bunch of online research and decided on these.  When they arrived he put them on and was amazed at how comfortable they were.  They did not need to be broken in, and fit great.  He got the grey / blue ones and they look really nice in person.  He keeps talking about how comfortable they are, so you should probably get them for someone.
Emily, my brother's girlfriend, is a Sales Manager / Rep. for Phat Buddha.  It's a yoga clothing company based out of New York City.  The clothing is awesome and I highly recommend it.  She gave me a few samples to try and I have been living in the leggings.  The ones pictured above are my favorite.  Check out their website https://phatbuddhawear.com/ or email Emily directly at Emily@phatbuddhawear.com and she will help you get the right product.  Seriously YOU NEED THESE LEGGINGS!

For the Caffiene Addict Sweet Tooth Alcoholic
Rum Chata found at your local liquor store is the best thing since Lucky Charms started selling the marshmallows separately.  It's like Bailey's but 100 times better.  You can drink it on ice, add it to a milk shake, or put it in a hot cup of cocoa or coffee.  The cocoa pictured above was given to me for my birthday last year and is far and away the best hot cocoa I've ever had.  The coffee pictured is also some of the best home brewed coffee I've ever had.  Even my parents thought the coffee was amazing when they visited and they are coffee snobs so you know it's good.

For the Person Who Has 1 Million TV Channels and Still Thinks There is Nothing on TV
Get them a Netflix Subscription and an Internet TV box.  If they can't find something on one of their million channels or on Netflix they are annoying.  This should solve all their problems.  I don't know much about the Internet TV boxes other than they exist.  I know a lot about Netflix...probably too much if we're being honest.

For the Rich Gamer
The Xbox One is the item topping Tom's list of wants that he won't get.  A.) because it's impossible to get your hands on, and B.) because we're not rich.  This video game console it like $500!  But if you're rich and have sneaky ways of getting your hands on things that are impossible to find this is the gift for you to give.  Whoever you give it to will love it, I promise.

For the Poor Gamer
Battlefield 4 is apparently supposed to be an awesome game.  I obviously don't know anything about it, but I've heard from a trustworthy source.  It looks like you can get it for any of the video game consoles too.  Don't get it for your children though.  Just to download this picture I had to enter my birthday.  I was a little concerned as to what I might find after I clicked enter.

So that's it!  My 2013 gift guide.  Now go spend money $$$$$$$  You're welcome :)


P.S. I am not working for or gaining anything by telling you to buy these products.  However, if you work for any of these companies and want to pay me for promoting your products I am happy to oblige.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Wikipedia defines elastic as, a colloquial noun for certain kinds of elastomers and stretchable fabrics.
Yep, that's what I'm thankful for...stretchable fabrics.  Leggings, Jeggings, Spanx, Spandex, and lets not forget our ole favorite sweat pants.  On a day like today, we ALL need to be thankful for this colloquial noun.
Seriously though, I LOVE Thanksgiving.  The food is my favorite.  There are no presents.  Family is just together enjoying each other.  It's the best.  We usually watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then Football.  We lounge around, cook, eat, laugh, and tell stories all day.  We don't go shopping (unless we forgot an ingredient for the Pumpkin Pie).
This year we will be celebrating in North Carolina.  Away from some family and all our friends.  My parents will be traveling from Iowa to visit which I am very thankful for.  And Tom has a little time off which I am extremely thankful for.  It will still be weird though, not seeing Tyler dance around with napkins in his hands saying, "I'm a birdie, I'm a birdie!" and not seeing Matty gobble down as much food as his Uncle Tom, well that can't be replicated.
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and remember wear your stretchable fabrics!


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Oh We're Just Having Some Pea Soup!

Thursday, November 21
While driving, on my way to work, (after a quick Starbucks run) I was excitedly talking to my Mom about her upcoming visit for Thanksgiving. (I'm not sure about all the punctuation in the previous sentence, but I have an English degree and Education degree so what I say/do goes ok?!?)  All of a sudden a Salvation Army truck pulled out in front of me and the back was open.

Just like this except it was driving, I was behind it driving, and the boxes were cylindrical bins.  The truck took a turn a bit to hard and all the bins flew out the back and started rolling all over the road.  Luckily my sweet driving skills kicked in and I was able to avoid all the bins, and the old man who jumped out of the truck into on coming traffic to pick them up.  I tried to stay calm on the phone so my Mom wouldn't freak, but it was pretty scary.  So Thursday I was thankful for Mr. Briggs my drivers Education teacher who taught me not only to avoid rolling bins in the road, but also when you drive a stick shift you have to steer the wheel and change gears at the same time without hitting school buses because there's not always going to be a passenger with their own set of brakes :)

Friday, November 22
Friday I was thankful for the easiest work day of my entire life.  Friday we were closed so we could officially move upstairs.  Except everything was being moved on Saturday or was already moved.  So Friday I was the only one to come to work.  All I had to do was paint the sides of our Snapple refrigerator and hook up the internet.  I came to work in my painting clothes painted, set up the internet and left.  Pretty awesome start to a weekend.

Saturday, November 23
What makes the best Saturday morning albeit an unproductive one???  4 episodes of Parenthood!!!
The one thing about living on the East Coast I am not a fan of is nighttime TV.  Everything is on so late (yes I'm old).  But when your favorite show doesn't even start until 10pm and is an hour long that gets late.  So usually I don't watch Parenthood when it is on TV but watch it on nbc.com over the weekend.  Well our weekends have been kinda busy lately so I had 4 weeks worth saved up.  It was awesome.  Seriously if you're not watching Parenthood you're missing out.  The first 2 (I think) seasons are on Netflix if you want to catch up.
And what does one do while watching 4 episodes of Parenthood?  Why paint their nails of course!
While Emily was in town she showed me a picture of a manicure she'd gotten.  It was Navy color with matte nail and shiny tips.  It was gorgeous!  So I thought I would try to do it myself.  HA!  First off I can't even paint my nails without it getting all over my skin.  I should have known better.  But I didn't stop myself, and really I blame Emily.  She should never have put the blue idea in my head.
I went to Wal-Greens and bought the matte finish and knew I had a blue at home that I had used around the 4th of July.  Except I remembered the blue wrong.  It was not Navy at all.  It was bright blue.  Another clue I should have just stopped, but I forged on!  So I painted my nails blue.  I was on the fence at this point, but again forged on to get the complete look because surely putting the matte finish on was going to make everything look so much better.  Then I added the matte finish.  Basically it just glopped all over my nails and bubbled up.
The look I was going for.

What I got...so bad the camera couldn't even focus.

Luckily Tom was in Alabama and I have no friends, so in turn had no where to go, so I had plenty of time to take the nail polish off and redo my nails with my old stand by
Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI.
But you know how when you paint your nails and then try and take the nail polish off right away it gets a bit messy???  Yeah, I literally had Smurf hands and had to soak my hands in straight 100% Acetone for 2min to get them flesh color again.  No pictures were snapped of that disaster.
So Saturday I was thankful for Parenthood, too much time on my hands, and Acetone.

Sunday, November 24
You know how when you fill your car up with gas it says turn your car off, don't smoke, and don't do anything to make yourself blow up?!?  Well Sunday I had to fill the truck up with gas.  AND I was wearing a sweater that had caused a ton of static.  I was getting shocked all day wearing it.  I was so scared to fill the truck up with gas because I thought for sure I would shock something and would blow up.  So Sunday I was thankful for not blowing up.

Monday, November 25
Last night I just needed to talk to Kim.  I was feeling out of the loop on her life.  And I needed to fill her in on mine.  It's so hard being away from her.  We used to live 3 miles away from each other and would get together weekly if not daily.  Now?  We try to talk weekly but sometimes it just doesn't work out.  It sucks.  But last night both Tom and Eric were busy and Kim and I talked for at least an hour if not longer.  It was just what I needed.  I'm so thankful for her.
Also she told me an amazing story about her Father-in-law declining an invitation to a party because he had people coming over for some pea soup.  Seriously love this girl and her crazy in-laws!

Now go be thankful you're not driving behind a Salvation Army truck and have a great day!

Smurf Hands Molly

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Picking Up Where We Left Off

Holy Cow it's been busy around here!  I turned 31, experienced my first professional hockey game, hosted our first guest to our new place (other than my parents), and experienced my first Duke Men's Basketball game.  Whew!  I'm tired.  All of those exciting adventures combined with a few others got me a cold and no voice.  I still sound like I work for a 1-900 # and if I would have known it was going to stick around for so long I probably would have applied.  I could have made some mad quick money.  Although I probably would have gotten fired pretty quickly when they realized I didn't have any idea what I was doing!  HA!  Can you imagine me on the other end of a 1-900 call???  Never mind don't imagine that.
Ok getting back on track.  Thankfulness...

Wednesday, November 13
Wednesday I was thankful for the reminder of how many great friends and family I have.  So many sweet birthday wishes were sent my way on Tuesday.  It's always nice to know people are thinking of you on your special day.  I was also thankful for my left-over cheesecake.  Tom kept asking what I wanted to do for my birthday and all I said was, "I don't care what we do.  I just want cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for dessert."
So many choices!

We also went to the Carolina Hurricanes game.  My first professional hockey experience.  It was totally cool especially when the other team pulled their goalie at the end.  Also...they served coffee with Bailey's which was pretty delicious :) and kept me warm.

Thursday, November 14
Thursday I was thankful for lozenges.  My cold started with a sore throat Wednesday night and got fierce Thursday.  Lozenges were my best friend.

Friday, November 15
Friday...Friday I was thankful for a lot of things.  I was thankful for my brother.  Random I know, but I was thankful that he has such an awesome girlfriend.  Who just happened to come stay with us for a long weekend.  I was also thankful for her (Emily is her name) adventurous spirit.  And I was thankful for Billy.  Let me explain...
Emily came to stay with us for a long weekend.  Emily is a die hard UNC basketball fan.  
***sidenote: I did not know this before her arrival.*** 
 So on Thursday night when she said she was the biggest UNC fan I thought that Friday we could go check out the stadium.  She about peed her pants right in my living room just at the idea of going to see the stadium.  So Friday afternoon we drove over to UNC.  A few obstacles stood in our way that we were not prepared for.  One Vice-President Biden was on campus so security was incredibly tight.  Two it was game day and the stadium was not open to the public.  All doors locked no matter how many sad faces you pressed against them.  However, with our determination and Emily's no fear attitude and I quote, "Molly if we get arrested run I'll take one for the team!" we were not only in the stadium but on the court within an hour.
Pictures to prove it!
Thanks to a sweet old man Billy who told us we had 30 seconds and that if anyone asked us we knew him, we got to walk through the tunnel the team comes out of and stand on the court.  Emily thought she was going to throw up.  I even got excited and I could care less about UNC basketball.  It pretty much made Emily's year.

Saturday, November 16
Saturday I was thankful for another gorgeous fall day.  Emily and I planned on going to the Duke vs. Miami football game.  We never imagined we would go in short sleeve shirts and not need the hot chocolate and Rum Chata to stay warm!  It was damn near 75 degrees at kick off.  The game was awesome and Duke actually pulled out a win.  I shouldn't say actually, they are quite good this year.  I think it might have something to do with the Sports Medicine Fellow they have this year, but who knows! :)

Yes Emily did wear a Nebraska shirt to the game.  I offered her plenty of Duke gear but she was determined to get on TV wearing her Go Big Red shirt.  And no we didn't realize we both posed the exact same way!  We're losers.

Sunday, November 17
Sunday I was thankful for good conversation.  Emily and I stayed up waaaay past our bedtimes talking and I loved every minute of it.  As I said here I love Emily.  We get along so well.  She fits perfectly into our family.  I would probably disown my brother if they ever broke up (kidding Ben).

Monday, November 18
Monday I was thankful for Tom and free basketball tickets.  Tom has been working like a mad man lately.  Right now football and basketball are in season so it is quite crazy.  Last week he was in California for basketball and tomorrow he leaves for Alabama for football.  Needless to say he is exhausted.  But Monday he was such a trooper and took me to the Duke Men's Basketball game.  He may or may not have had to slam a whiskey coke just to stay awake before we left.  Late in the afternoon he got a text from someone saying there were two extra tickets for the game and did he want them.  He texted me to see if I wanted to go and of course I said YES!  Tickets are impossible to come by so when the opportunity presents itself for free ones you better jump on it quickly.  The seats were way at the tippity top of the stadium, but for the last 2 minutes Tom used his all access pass to get us where he gets to sit when he works the games.
 A pic of where our original seats were.  Yep!  WAAAAY up there!

 Ok, our new seats were pretty sweet.

After the game was over.

Tuesday, November 19
Tuesday I was thankful for a co-worker with keys.  I got myself locked out of work.  I had to sit and wait for an hour.  Thankfully my co-worker who was coming in to Train at 5:30 had keys.  I'm an idiot.  Pretty sure my boss is regretting the decision to hire me....hopefully not.

Wednesday, November 20
Yesterday!  Yay we are finally getting caught up!  Yesterday I was thankful for movie night.  Tom and I put everything else aside last night to just relax and watch a movie.  And let's be honest I didn't really have anything to put aside...it was all Tom putting his work aside for one night to spend it with me and an ok movie.  It was pretty nice snuggling on the couch.  I soaked in every moment knowing they are pretty rare this year.  Also he liked it when I used my 1-900 voice and whispered in his ear but we won't go into those details.  This is a PG-13 blog :)

Hugs and Kisses to you all!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'm Not Really Thankful for This...well maybe a little

My work is getting ready to move.  We are moving upstairs in the same building.  We've been prepping the new space and it is looking really good.  With that, we are getting desks and furniture figured out.  My desk in our current space used to be tall.  I actually liked it tall because I could stand and work.  However, in the new space I am getting my bosses desk and he is getting mine.  He didn't want it tall, so he cut 6 inches off the legs. He didn't measure quite properly.  The desk is too short to use the tall chair, but too tall to use the short "normal" desk chair.  He said he will fix it when we move.  I still have to use this desk for a week or so.  Now when I sit / lean over my desk to work my boobs rest perfectly on the desk because my chair is so short.  I just caught myself leaned over reading something on my computer with my boobs resting perfectly on my too tall desk.  The positive in this situation is I don't have to wear a bra to work for a week!  Kidding...maybe.

A completely accurate illustration of the situation.


Monday, November 11, 2013

4 Day Catch -Up...

I know what I said, and I know I am falling short.  However, I am finding that I can't just write a post about what I am thankful for in the middle of the day.  I need to experience the whole day first.  Or whole weekend, but whatever :)  I got lazy this weekend.  Tom was out of town, traveling with the women's basketball team to California, and I was busy snuggling puppies and catching up on calories and TV.  Have any of you watched Pretty Little Liars???  Well it's on Netflix and I am officially addicted.  It's totally unrealistic, but I love it.

Friday, November 8
Have you ever gotten a really random compliment?  Like, I love how your pinky toe is so short or something like that???  Well Friday I went to get my eyebrows waxed and my waxtatition (not sure if that's their technical title but it works) said, "Oh my gosh I love how all your eyebrows lay perfectly and are so thick!"  I was like, "um ok?"  And she said, "No really, most people come in here and their eyebrows are all jaggedy and super thin in places.  People would die to have your eyebrows all you need is a little cleaning up."
So Friday I was thankful for my eyebrows and a compliment.

Saturday, November 9
Saturday I was thankful for a laaaaazy day.  I never once got out of my pjs.  It was amazing.

Sunday, November 10
Tom and I never lived together before we got married.  So when we bought our house in Virginia we didn't realize that we couldn't share a bathroom.  Or closet.  It just doesn't work for us.  Ever since we moved out of that house one stipulation of our living arrangements is that there is at least 1.75 bathrooms and enough closet space that we don't have to share.
Generally when I clean house (or apartment) I clean it all in one day.  Top to bottom the whole thing just get it over with.  We do a pretty good job of keeping up with it in between cleanings so it doesn't take to long to just get it all done.  That means both bathrooms are cleaned the same day.  Why then is Tom's bathroom always in need of a cleaning days before mine???  His shower is grimier, his sink and mirror are spottier, and the whole thing is just yuckier.  I don't get it.  I almost took pictures yesterday of the difference, but I decided to spare you all the disgustingness.
Sunday I was thankful for bleach.

Today, Monday, November 11
Today I am thankful for two things.  First, a safe return for Tom and the cozy nap we took after his red-eye flight home.  Second, I am thankful for all of our veterans.  My family has a big military background and I am so proud of all of them and so thankful for what they did to serve our country.  We are the land of the free because of the brave.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nothing Good Comes From Fish Tacos

Today's thankfulness post stems from yesterday's thankfulness post (that didn't get written).

Yesterday I was thankful for the beautiful sunny day.  So thankful in fact that Tom and I met for happy hour after work.  We sat outside and enjoyed what we hoped was not one of the last nice fall days.  Also it was $4 Margaritas.  I hadn't eaten much all day so decided to order some fish tacos.  I'd heard from a lady I work with that they were really good.  They were ok.  I ate one of the three and boxed up the rest.  Then proceeded to forget them on the table.  Which at the time we were upset about, but now not so much.

Today I am thankful for Tums and Imodium.  Like the title suggests, nothing good comes from fish tacos.

Gott run...I won't give the details.

Stomach Ache Molly

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

And She's Off

November 5, 2013
Today I am thankful that we live in a fully fenced in / gated apartment complex.
Tuesdays are my one morning to sleep in.  I don't work until 12:15pm.  Generally its quite lovely.  However, this morning Addie had other ideas.
Usually the dogs sleep until I wake up.  They don't even stir if Tom is up before me.  It doesn't matter what time I get up they sleep until I do.  This morning, of all mornings, Addie broke our sleep in pact.  She started whining at 9am.  I figured she must really have to go potty so I quickly threw on a sweatshirt over my pj's and flip flops and went to let her and Rocky out.
Now technically we are supposed to put our dogs on a leash every time we let them out, but our dogs are used to going out without a leash and staying in an unfenced specified area, so often we let them out without a leash.  We lucked out with the location and set up of our apartment building.  All the apartments have entrances from outside.  Ours is on the ground level in the back of the building and has a nice grassy area right outside our door.  So it makes it pretty easy to just let the dogs out, watch them from the door, and have them run right back in.  Also there aren't very many other dogs in our building so we don't have to worry about them coming out.
Now when I let the dogs out my routine is always the same.  Open the apartment door and make sure no one is outside and no other dogs are out back.  I tell my dogs to wait at the door and they do.  Then I go back open the door and let them out.  They usually just run right to the grass and go potty and come right back.  Usually being the key word in that sentence.
This morning when I opened the door Addie took off like a horse in the Kentucky Derby.  Rocky and I looked at each other like "sam hell is she going?"  Rocky went off to his secret corner to pee and I started walking back to where she ran quietly yelling her name, trying not to wake any other neighbors or bring attention to the fact that I was A.) letting my dogs out off leash and B.) doing all this in my pajamas.  When I couldn't find her I tried to get Rocky back in the apartment but he wouldn't leave my side.  I knew if I started walking to the front of the building he would take off too, getting excited by all the new smells.  So I started running back and forth with Rocky chasing me all the while quietly yelling for Addie.  Hoping she would just show up.
Luckily after about 5 minutes she ran back and was immediately in time out in her kennel.  I think she just went to the front of our building, but who really knows.  The only small piece of positive pie I can find in all this is that our entire apartment complex is fenced / gated in so unless she actually went to the front or side gate where you can drive in and out and they happened to be open she would be stuck in the complex.  Not necessarily safe because people drive like idiots, but at least stuck inside.
Of all the factors that I thought of about how we could possibly get kicked out of our apartment (Rocky barking, Tom farting, our crazy parties, etc.)  Addie was never once one of them.  Who knew she would want to make the list?!?!?  Dumb dog.
Oh well, we haven't been kicked out yet!  Here's to hoping we can make it a year :)


P.S. I want some pie...not just positive pie actual pie.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Warm & Cozy

Monday, November 4
Today I am thankful for my warm cozy sweater.  This morning when I woke up it was 38*!!!  BRRRRRR!  Rocky and Addie both looked at me like "hey did we move back to Minnesota?!?" when I let them out this morning.  Usually they run all around, but not this morning. 
I threw my sweater on over my work shirt and immediately felt warm and cozy.  I think the pups would have liked to cuddle in bed all morning as much as I would have.
Well, I hope you are having a warm and cozy day today too!


p.s. it is now 70* outside and I don't really need my sweater anymore :)

Thankfulness Catch Up

You guys obviously don't give a damn about me...
I say I am going to post everyday.  Then I don't post for two days.  No one even checks to see if I'm still alive.  Which I am thank you very much :)  Just kidding...sort of

Anyway we have some catching up to do.

Saturday, November 2
Saturday I was thankful for a day off.  Actually a whole weekend off which has thus far been unheard of.  This past weekend Tom had the entire weekend off which was wonderful.  We took full advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to Asheboro, NC home of the North Carolina Zoo.  We took the scenic drive to see the beautiful fall colors (they did not disappoint) and stopped on the way home to take some pictures.  You can see all the pictures from the day on my facebook page (I'm lazy today and don't want to have to upload them from my phone and then upload them to the blog).  Just click the little link in the blog header.

Sunday, November 3
Sunday I was thankful for the genius bar and Apple Care Protection Plan.  My computer died :(  BUT the wonderful people at Apple and my Protection Plan covered my butt.  I was very thankful that we spent a little extra money a few years ago on the Protection Plan because without it I would have been up a creek without a paddle.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankfulness November 1, 2013

For the past few years I've seen many friends post something, through social media, they are thankful for each day in the month of November.  I've always thought what a neat idea it was, but my procrastination / lateness continually got in the way and I never got to it.  This year however I remembered and it's still November 1!!!!  So I'm getting on the bandwagon.  Each day for the month I am going to post something I am thankful for.  Some may be serious...others not so much.  We'll see where it goes :)

So Day 1:
Today I am thankful for pictures.  Earlier today I caught myself looking through all my old photos and so many memories came flooding back.  Pictures...snippets of time caught.  It's amazing to me how one picture can elicit so many different memories from people.

For example, this photo of the Hawaii Helicopters brochure.  If you asked anyone in my family they would probably have memories of the beautiful scenery we were flying over.  Or maybe how it was neat that when we flew near the waterfall it seemed like it was raining.  But for me, this photo reminds me of how I was experiencing my first bout of motion sickness.  This photo is the brochure I was staring at trying to focus on one thing and breathe so I wouldn't throw up.
The following photos are photos I love.  Photos that I will cherish forever.  Photos that bring back so many memories.

My Uncle Ed and Me.  Uncle Ed was my Dad's Dad's Twin brother.  He was a very special man.  I love that he was on the trike with me.

This photo actually makes me mad.  But mad is a memory so I think it's allowed.  This photo was taken in Michigan.  My parents drove to Iowa City and picked me up from college and drove us to the University of Michigan where my brother was playing soccer against them.  We were excited to actually get to see one of my bothers games.  The coaches saw that we were there and said "hi" to us.  Then the game started and finished and my brother never played a second of the game.  Assholes.  This picture was taken after the game.  Our smiles are super fake.

My first picture with my first nephew Tyler.  He's pretty much the coolest kid ever.  I love this picture :) 

This is Tom in the tub with Tyler.  I remember walking in to the bathroom and loving the fact that Tom was actually in the tub with him.  I knew then that Tom would be a great Dad.

Tom and I couldn't get away for a honeymoon after our wedding so over the following Easter we took a little time and drove down to stay at Casa De Lieving :)  My Aunt and Uncle live in Sarasota, Florida and opened their house up to us.  They weren't even there at the beginning!  Tom thought it was awesome that they had a big fork and spoon like the parents in "Everybody Loves Raymond" and one night took them off the wall and tried using them :)

This picture was also taken on our "honeymoon" in Florida.  One night we got together with my cousin Annie and her family who live nearby.  Of course this picture is cute of Hayden and Cooper and Tom and the ice cream cone that is as big as Hayden's head, but the backstory is what really makes this story a good memory.  As I was taking the picture my cousin Annie was quietly asking me if Tom always had cankles or if it was just the sunburn because she was concerned for my future children!  HAHA!!!! Tom had gotten super sunburnt the day before and his ankles got suuuuper swollen.  It was hilarious!!!

This picture makes me laugh because it was the first time my brother had been on a motorcycle and also Tom was not to excited about having a dude on the back of his bike.  I'm pretty sure they never left the neighborhood!

This is at Tom's white coat ceremony before starting medical school.  Tom was pissed I was making him take this picture!

This is the day after Tom and I got engaged.  Our first full Mullin family photo!

One of the first pictures we took of Rocky.  When we first got him all he did was lay around.  He didn't know what to do with toys.  Poor baby. 

Tom and I took a motorcycle ride to the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Tom is peeing in the picture not looking out over the scenery :)

 This is the Father / Daughter dance at our wedding.  I can tell you exactly what my Dad is saying in this picture, "Is it ok if we just stand here at look at the slideshow?"  We had a slideshow going behind the dancing of when I was little and also one of Tom when he was little.  My Dad wanted to watch it instead of dance :)

 Tom and my first picture EVER!  Not to shabby that it was in Jamaica :)

I love this picture.  My Mom, her parents and me screaming!  Also I love the teddy bear that my Mom is holding.  It was this little green bear that we always snuck in my Dad's suitcase when he had to travel.

My Dear Uncle Bruce (Boogie).  The last picture I have with him before the Alzheimer's really took over :(  I can see it a bit in this photo but I still love it.

COUSINS!!!  You have no idea how long it took to get all of us rallied together for this photo!  Ben was getting a bit antsy :) 

Grandpa, Me, Uncle Ed.  One of my All Time Favorite Pictures EVER! 

MY ALL TIME FAVORITE PICTURE EVER.  This is my Grandma and me at my preschool graduation.

While going through my pictures I found these three.  All of me with my Aunt Sandy.  Basically the same pose.  Pretty cool.

I remember thinking I was pretty cool getting to wear makeup for my dance photo. 

 This photo represents life growing up.  Dad coming home late from having conferences and Ben and I in our Brace Face T-shirts ready for bed.  My cross-bite and cowlick are out of control!

My cousin Sarah, Ben and I in Mexico staying at Casa Bruce.  We were waving "hi" to Uncle Bruce (Boogie) for this picture. 

I was in swim team.  I sucked at swim team.  This photo represents the best color ribbon I EVER received.  Yellow.  Brown was my usual color.  Pretty sure those are like 9 & 10th place. 

These photos were taken in an airport in one of those booths.  It was either Mother's Day or my Mom's birthday.  These pictures were her present.  Probably the best present ever.  Seriously how awesome!

My cousin Sarah, my Grandma, and I.  I like this photo because I know it was taken in Florida at my Aunt and Uncle's house.  I like knowing that my grandma made it there. 

Ben and I obviously were both having bad hair day's on this picture day :)

Love this photo.  At any wedding you could always find me dancing on my Dad's feet :)  Also this was one of my favorite dresses because when you spun around it twirled out. 

Ahh...so many memories.